5 Piece Drum Sets for Sale: See Why This Configuration is so Popular

A 5 Piece Drum SetYou may be familiar with this general standard in drum sets. Nearly every manufacturer offers their own version or versions of this line up. It is the set that you will see on nearly every concert stage, excluding some specialized sets. The five piece drum set typically includes a bass drum at the front and in the center. The set also usually offers one snare drum. The placement of that may vary. Then there is a floor tom with some very nice sounds coming off and out of it. Lastly there are two standard toms to fill out the sound. In addition there are usually some cymbals that do not exactly get counted despite their valuable contribution.

This is the configuration that practically every great drummer has sat down at at least once in their life. This is the set that goes on countless road tours with bands. This is often what lays tracks in the studio. It is also what you can begin with. It is not that difficult to find 5 piece drum sets for sale. Being one of the most popular core sets, there are a number of mainstream music stores that carry these items. They are often available in a wide range of pricings as well.

The variance in price of the 5 piece drum sets for sale is partly a result of the variance in the sets. It is not uncommon to find particular sets that are customized to provide superior performance in one area or another. For instance, one manufacturer produces a five piece that is made specifically to hold up to the rigors of the road. Another manufacturer offers five piece sets that are custom-made. Each piece can be made of a material that you choose and finished with your choice of style. Still others are made to be extremely affordable. So, it is possible to find a range of prices within the five piece class.

In addition to music stores you can find 5 piece drum sets for sale through a number of other sources. The internet is a significant source. It is actually a single place where you can search through many of the individual sources. You can use the internet to look through the offerings of even your local music stores. The result is often a very quick, rather thorough search of the many listings that are available to you. You should take into consideration the cost of getting the drum set to your location if you select a set that is not local. The cost involved may result in a price that would get you a much nicer set locally.

Online and in print you can also find classified listings for 5 piece drum sets for sale. These are often the ones that you will want to see in person prior to purchasing, but they may be rather high quality for a low price. If you can not verify the quality of the set that you will receive you may want to reconsider purchasing. The hassle of returning a drum set and waiting for a refund may not be worth the possibility of getting a deal on a set that you want. These choices are often a balance.

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